Because we’re committed to providing the best dog grooming Denver has to offer, when you bring your pets to groom, they get more than a beauty treatment.  It gives our experienced groomer the opportunity to take a good look at your dog’s skin for a rash, lumps or external parasites (fleas, ticks, lice).  Before cleaning their ears and trimming their nails, we will check for all for the above plus waxy build up or ear mites, and spot any ingrown or split nails.  By examining their eyes, irritation or excessive tearing due to eyelash or eyelid abnormalities or infection can be detected.  Your pet will be brushed to get rid of old hair and mats.  This reduces shedding and improves circulation.  Your pet will be bathed with one of our shampoos especially formulated for sensitive, dry, oily or allergic skin, and get a hairstyle according to his or her breed and your specifications.

  • Pet Bathing — We offer a standard bath, which includes a cleansing bath, a blow dry, a light brush out, a nail trim and ear cleaning; and
  • Pet Grooming — We offer luxury pamper grooming which includes a cleansing bath, a blow dry, a brush out, a nail trim, ear cleaning, ear hair plucking if necessary and a full haircut.

We also offer services including anal sac expression or nail grinding for an extra charge.

We offer appointments 5 days a week with morning drop-offs. We will give you a call as soon as your pet is ready to go home, but your pet is welcome to stay with us until the end of the day if you are at work or running errands. If your pet needs to see a veterinarian while they are with us, we will arrange for that as well.

We understand that not all pets love to be pampered, which is why we also offer grooming with sedation for an extra charge. Please discuss these options with our medical staff.